The membership in the Network supposes an active participation in its operation and regular use of its tools. A Network member can be any registered company/organization, after being validated by the Network Coordinator.

The Network actors can be classified in the following categories that differ with their roles:

  • Individual organization - R&D center, university ,innovative company, competence center, etc - works in the Network on its own behalf, representing own tech offers and needs.
  • Technology broker – any intermediary organization - technology, innovation center, etc. , - work on behalf of their client organizations within a certain region (geographical segmentation) or a certain sector (thematic segmentation), representing their offers and needs. The clients of a Technology broker are not Network members, and they do not use the Network platform.
  • Coordinating organization / team – manages and coordinates the operation of the Network members at the national level (a BRICS country national coordinator) or at the Network level – a BRICS TTN coordinator (can be a collective body).