BRICS TTN understands the technology transfer (TT) as a successful implementation and/or adaptation of an innovative technology, developed by one organisation, for the needs of another organisation(s).

BRICS TTN applies the 4-stage technology transfer business process.

  • STAGE 1. Identification of the technology transfer potential

    This stage depends on whether you (as a BRICS TTN participant) are the technology broker or innovative company/organisation.

    For the broker we recommend a detailed acquaintance with your client organisation, identification of its technological competences and needs. Usually, it takes place in the course of a technology audit. As a result of a successful technology audit, an Action Plan is developed, which should lead to technological improvements, purchase of necessary technologies and/or expertise (know how).

    For the technology donor or recipient we recommend the process of self-assessment by playing the role of external technology auditor with the same results as described above.

    For both cases we recommend you to use the methodology described in the “Technology audit guide” - to download from intranet library after the registration as a network participant.

  • STAGE 2. Identification of technology profiles

    A key information object of the BRICS TTN applied methodology is a technology profile (a profile of a technology offer/request) that helps to exchange information between the BRICS TTN participants.

    The structure of technology profiles ensures the amount of information necessary for attraction of interest and making the first notion of the offered technology, or for understanding the specific technological need of a company.

  • STAGE 3. Searching partners for technological cooperation

    Technology profiles make a basis for further promotion of technologies to the market or searching partners for receiving a technology or its joint development.

    Partner search is implemented using the following tools:

    1. common database of BRICS TTN technology profiles;
    2. brokerage events;
    3. technological missions;
    4. information mailings, meetings, etc.

  • STAGE 4. Negotiation and signing a Partnership Agreement

    Received Expressions of Interest (EoI) in a profile discover potential opportunities for technological cooperation. BRICS TTN coordinating body ensures the follow-up of the primary contact between potential partners – till an agreement on the transfer/ technological partnership is signed. The follow-up process is critically important in the case of a transnational technology transfer, because of the cultural, legal, language differences, etc.