BIPF 2017  Gorodissky and Partners (Russia), Daniel Legal & IP Strategy (Brazil), Remfry & Sagar (India) and CCPIT (China) will host the 9th BRICS IP Forum (BIPF) in Paris. The Forum will cover topical IP issues, such as: recent IP developments in BRIC countries, compulsory licensing, trademarks outside the Latin alphabet, technoparks, free economic zones and other measures stimulating IP activity and foreign investments to emerging markets, IP on the Internet. October 30-31, 2017.

The BIPF-2017 will provide the participants of the Forum with a clear picture of the most important IP law aspects in five BRICS countries. The program is focused on the hot topical issues such as compulsory licensing, patentability of computer related inventions, service inventions, protection of trademarks, geographical indications and designs in different jurisdictions, measures stimulating innovative activity and many others.

It seems to be a synergetic IP forum identifying issues and contributing constructive ideas about how to better pursue mutually advantageous and develop economic relations between the countries.

A comprehensive program of BIPF-2017 available online