SmartAgoPresentation of the BRICS-TTN Platform was delivered at the annual Open University Skolkovo (OpUS) Summer Camp «SmartAgro BRICS+» on 4 July, 2016.

The Summer Camp of the Open University Skolkovo (OPUS) is being held in Skolkovo on 3–8 July, 2016.  The participants are 120 students, masters and post-graduates from universities and research centres, entrepreneurs and young employees of innovative companies creating high-tech solutions for the agrofood sector, from BRICS countries and other states, including Armenia, Kazakhstan, Greece, Belarus, Iraq, Nigeria and Uzbekistan.  The aim of the event is to pave the way for new projects and international partnerships to help the BRICS countries to become world leaders in food production.

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Olga Tarasova, Consultant at the Russian Technology Transfer Network, delivered the presentation «Research and innovation networking platform BRICS-TTN: partner search for joint R&D and innovation projects».  Young scientists and entrepreneurs were told about the Open Innovation concept, the technology of remote partner search and the up-to-date tool for supporting this search, which is the BRICS-TTN Platform.  The young audience was invited to become pioneers in using and promoting this Platform and become experts to help other people in their countries to join the BRICS Technology Transfer Network.