brics new  On 10 June, 2016, in Novosibirsk, in the framework of the Technoprom-2016 Forum of technological development, the 5th session of the BRICS Expert Council on the research and technological cooperation took place.

 The session, chaired by Lyudmila Ogorodova, RF Deputy Minister of Science and Education, was held in the framework of Russia’s mandate in BRICS in 2016, and in the lead-up to the meeting of top managers and ministers of science, technology and innovation of the BRICS countries in India in 2016. The agenda included the following issues:

1. Realisation of the BRICS STI Framework Programme, including the formats and procedures of proposal submission to the BRICS Coordinated Call for multilateral R&D and innovation projects in 2016.
2. Research and innovation BRICS Networking Platform BRICS-TTN as a site for partner search for joint R&D and innovation projects.
3. GRAIN – global research infrastructure project – prospects for using unique R&D infrastructures of the BRICS countries and R&D staff mobility.

Irina Dezhina from Skolkovo Institute for Science and Technology presented a report of the Expert working Group on the BRICS Research and Innovation Platform. She spoke about the BRICS Networking Platform, BRICS-TTN, as a tool for searching partners for joint R&D and innovation projects. This tool became specially topical in connection with the launch of the BRICS Pilot call 2016 for multilateral projects to be implemented by consortia of partners from different BRICS countries.

Irina Dezhina underlined the key success factors for the Platform operation:

• BRICS-TTN promotion among the potential BRICS Call participants and development of contacts with the interested foreign actors.
• Pro-active animation of the Platform and methodological support to the Network participants.
• Identification of organization that can become National Coordinators in each BRICS country.