logo brics  The BRICS Pilot call for multilateral research and innovation projects is going on. With account for incoming questions, the team of the BRICS Technology Transfer Network (BRICS-TTN) has developed methodological recommendations on the development of project proposals and search of relevant partners with the help of the BRICS-TTN information and communication platform.

 We suggest the following algorithm:

• Step 1: describe your vision of the project idea and of the required partners, using the attached document (see attach “Recommended structure for preliminary project proposal for BRICS call”)

• Step 2: basing on the draft proposal prepared on the Step 1, formulate an R&D partner search request and publish it (in English) at the BRICS-TTN platform 

• Step 3: the structured description of the project proposal and well formulated R&D partner search request (RDR profile) would help you to receive expressions of interest and negotiate efficiently with potential partners from other countries. If needed, you can address the BRICS-TTN Team; basing on these documents, we shall be able to provide tailored services for you on finding relevant partners for your project.

If you have further questions on

- registration at the BRICS-TTN platform,
- BRICS STI Framework Programme calls and
- development of project proposals,

Please feel free to address the BRICS-TTN Coordination Team