BRICS STIAs a part of the BRICS Scientific, Technological and Innovation Framework Programme, a pilot call has been announced for funding multilateral research and innovation projects, which can be best addressed by a multinational approach. Project consortia should consist of partners from at least three of the BRICS countries. Proposals are to be submitted before 25 August, 2016, through the online submission form at the official web-site of the Programme.

 Thematic areas:

• Prevention and monitoring of natural disasters
• Water resources and pollution treatment
• Geospatial technology and its applications
• New and renewable energy, and energy efficiency
• Astronomy
• Biotechnology and biomedicine including human health and neuroscience
• Information technologies and high performance computing
• Ocean and polar science and technology
• Material science including nanotechnology
• Photonics

Proposed projects should consist of partners from at least 3 different BRICS countries. The funding for project participants will be provided by their respective national funding organization.

A Joint Application Form (JAF) is to be submitted in English through the online submission form at the official web-site of the Programme: In addition to the JAF, each national team of a project shall submit an additional national proposal to the relevant national participating funding organization following all required procedures of each particular organization. Based on the results of the evaluation, a joint decision by the participating funding organizations will be made regarding the selected proposals to be co-funded.

The Call deadline is 25 August, 2016.

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You can use a technological network platform “BRICS-TTN” to search for foreign partners for technological collaboration and initiation of joint applications for the call.

The platform “BRICS-TTN” was developed by the UNIDO International Industrial Cooperation Center in the Russian Federation and the Russian technology transfer network in order to create new innovative alliances and to support for technology transfer between the BRICS countries. Innovative SMEs, R&D organisations and universities form India and Russia are presented on the platform now.

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