7M2A1074 Skills Development Working Group is one of the seven working groups of the BRICS Business Council, responsible for exchange of best practices in the field of training, with the aim of overcoming the gap between the needs of growing BRICS economies and the quality of education in these countries. A key objective of the Group is to construct a common vision of future competencies and to develop joint projects to implement this vision.

The Group is aimed at developing a common vision of the future of labor market, according to the objective tendencies of the BRICS economies’ development, formulating new requirements for skills and competences, as well as launching cooperation projects and mechanisms of human resources’ development in the BRICS countries. An important task of the SDWG is to create conditions for further development of the Skills Development Fund within the New Development Bank of BRICS, in order to provide financial support to the projects in the field of training.

Several events were organized during 5-7 April for the BRICS experts, timed with the meeting of the BRICS Business Council.

‘Technical and Vocational Education and Training and skills development in BRICS countries’ Conference was held on 5th April (before the BRICS Business Council) by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The main topic of the Conference was skills development for industrial growth in BRICS countries during nearest future. The participants of the Conference provided an exchange of best practices of Technical and Vocational Education and Training development in their countries.

Among the participants of the conference were the heads of the national parts of the Group: Frederico Lamego de Texeira Soares (Brazil, CNI, Executive Manager of International Relations), Pavel Luksha (Russia, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, professor), Shobha Mishra Ghosh (India, FICCI, Senior Director), Liu Zhenying (China, Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, CEO), Babhalazi Bulunga (South Africa, Adcorp, HR director).

At the meeting of the BRICS Business Council (6 April), the Skills Development Working Group signed an official letter for the president of New Development Bank of BRICS countries, Mr. K. V. Kamath, about establishment of the Skills Development Fund.

Он 7th April, BRICS experts were invited to an excursion to the Polytechnic college №8 (Moscow), where they learned about the best practices of Russian Technical and Vocational Education and Training.