image1  On 12 February, 2016, at the headquarters of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), a working meeting was held of the UNIDO Secretariat with the representatives of BRICS missions in UNIDO. The main topic of discussions was related to the projects and promising initiatives implemented under the UNIDO support to the benefit of BRICS economic development.

 Anton Yanovsky, RTTN Project Director, took part in the meeting and told about a networking platform for technological and scientific cooperation of innovation SMEs and R&D organization of BRICS countries (, created and launched in 2015 for pilot exploitation in the framework of UNIDO 120020 project. The platform was developed by the Russian Technology Transfer Network under the support of the UNIDO –°entre for International Industrial Cooperation in the Russian Federation . In the course of the platform’s approbation, two technological cooperation projects were realized between the companies from Russian and Brazil.

The audience demonstrated a significant interest to the platform and mentioned the high quality of the methodological development. Due to the special services and harmonization of information objects with international technology transfer systems, the platform can be quickly and effectively integrated with national networks and projects supporting technology transfer and industrial cooperation. In particular, this opportunity interested the Chinese partners that plan to realize the project «Facilitating the development and cooperation of SMEs between China and other BRICS countries through technology transfer and e-commerce», where they intend to use the BRICS-TTN platform as a communication tool.

Summing up the results of the meeting, Victor Zagrekov, UNIDO Senior Advisor on Partnerships, mentioned that establishment of a network for technological cooperation between BRICS countries that associate both governmental agencies for SME support and companies, R&D organisaitons and innovation intermediaries, using the information platform BRICS-TTN for their technology transfer activity, is expected to be one of strategic UNIDO initiatives to the benefit of BRICS development.


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