WIPO logo  The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) works to make innovation more collaborative across geographical boundaries. The Commercialization of IP is the focus of this Guide with an emphasis on the translation of academic inventions to commercial products and startup companies. The Guide is envisioned as primary resource for developing and emerging countries in moving from discovery to commercialization of ideas and technologies. The Annex of the Guide includes an overview of the current environment in Russia, with regards to the development of the commercialization of IP. Among the organizations providing assistance to commercialization and technology transfer, Russian Technology Transfer Network is presented as one of the key infrastructure tools.

 The transformation of technologies from research results originating in academic institutions has been the source of inventions, products, and companies for as long as there has been university research and entrepreneurs. Commercialization of technologies into products and companies that take these products to market based on intellectual property rights requires a continuum of activities to further refine, prove, and improve these inventions. This compendium of information and case studies is designed to help guide the development off research findings and guide the appropriate pathway to a license, startup or spinoff company.

The guide defines the terms, process, and methodologies for the commercialization of university inventions, research results and know-how and the collaborative development and funding processes to make them successful. The guide was prepared in conjunction with a core team of advisors, key contributors, reviewers and editors.

Guide on intellectual property (IP) commercialization

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