Brics zasedanie  On September 22, 2015, in the Russian Ministry of Education hosted the Third Meeting of the Council for Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation between BRICS countries. The heads of the five working groups presented their work plans for 2015-2016.

 The Expert Working Group on the development of BRICS Research and Innovation Networking Platform (BRICS RINP) presented its first results before the leaders of the Council. According to the plan of the BRICS RINP Working Group, the Platform will be developed as an integrator of national tools and initiatives for solving the problems of international S&T cooperation and communication between the BRICS countries. The platform should be a communication site for initiating multilateral innovative projects.

"The Platform will be featured by a focus on the support of five agreed thematic priorities of BRICS R&D cooperation and harmonious consideration of national technological interests. For Russia, we propose orientation towards the National Technology Initiatives and proposals of the Russian Technology Platforms", - mentioned Anton Yanovsky, Head of the BRICS RINP Working Group.

  The representatives of the Council noted the importance of launching the BRICS RINP for all stakeholders of S&T cooperation in the BRICS countries. Development of communications, initiation and coordination of new multilateral international projects are the main common goals for all Expert Working Groups.

  The experts discussed the draft of BRICS working plan for science, technology and innovation and the project of the Moscow Declaration that will be signed at the meeting of Ministers of BRICS countries in Moscow on 27-28 October 2015.