We recognize the importance and centrality of knowledge and technology transfer as the means of mutually empowering BRICS member countries. In this regard we support efforts to establish BRICS mechanisms that enhance technology and knowledge transfer amongst the member countries.

The PPT started in Russia in 2002 with now over $10 million invested developing the technology including a $1,000,000 grant from the World famous Skolkovo Foundation. There are 9 Patents issued in Russia and there is a patent pending in the U.S. The technology has now been proven in over 300 wells in Russia, China, Eastern Europe and the United States. 

In 2013, "Novas-Energy" signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Centre for International Cooperation of UNIDO-Russia. The Memorandum foresees expert advice and support in promotion of the environment friendly plasma-pulse technology in the BRICS countries. Under this agreement, UNIDO experts established a contact with the Brazilian company "NM Consultaria" specialized in the development of projects in the oil and gas industry and the oil group "Petro Reconcavo".

As a result of the joint analysis of characteristics of the oil wells and fields operated by the potential partner in Brazil, the parties came to a conclusion about the good prospects of PPT application and agreed to implement a pilot project for the treatment of 3 wells.

The partners have agreed the rules and technical regulations of the work. Currently, they negotiate the commercial terms of the pilot project.

Implementation of the project is scheduled for the second half of 2015.