We recognize the importance and centrality of knowledge and technology transfer as the means of mutually empowering BRICS member countries. In this regard we support efforts to establish BRICS mechanisms that enhance technology and knowledge transfer amongst the member countries.

Representatives of "Purcom Quimica" take regular part in international exhibitions, workshops and business missions in order to expand their partner network. At one of these meetings, organized by UNIDO, the company established a contact with Russian company "Vladipur", specialized in development and production of polyurethane (PU) systems. "Vladipur" was looking for a partner with practical experience in the development and production of PU systems, based on methyl formate blowing -agent. They intended to implement this environmentally clean technology in industrial production of polyurethane products.

The experts of the Center for International Cooperation UNIDO-Russia helped the companies to organize meetings and participated actively on initial stage of negotiations. As a result, "Purcom Quimica" has demonstrated interest and readiness to take part in a cooperation project on the development of PU systems for the Russian market.

During the feasibility study, the representatives of the Russian company visited the research center and the production plant of "Purcom Quimica" in San Paulo and got familiarized with various final products manufacturing based on PU technjlogy developed by the Brazilian company. The Brazilian partner twice visited Vladipur company in Vladimir, where the technology and the samples of the Systems were tested in accordance with the terms of reference developed by Russian partner.

The work on the technology transfer project took 2,5 years. The contract on technology transfer and delivery of a trail parcel of bowing agent required for technology implementation was concluded.

Deliveries under the contract, testing and implementation of the technology in industrial production are scheduled in the second quarter 2015.Screenshot 2